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                         Suqian Fujuxiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome your visit....... Chinese   ENGLISH
                      Product Category
                         Diamond tools for diamond auto parts
                         Diamond CNC Blade
                         Mirror processing diamond tool
                         Diamond CNC Tool
                         Diamond woodworking tools
                         Carbide CNC Blade
                         Carbide CNC milling cutter
                      New Products
                      Carbide CNC milling cutter
                      Carbide CNC millin…
                      Mold steel inner hole blade
                      Mold steel inner h…
                      Diamond woodworking tools
                      Diamond woodworkin…
                      Diamond PCD single double-edged end mill
                      Diamond PCD single…
                      CNC blade
                      CNC blade
                      Diamond CNC Blade
                      Diamond CNC Blade
                             【Shenzhen Better Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.】was established in 2007 and has more than ten years of design and production experience in the precision tool industry. More than ten years of engineers have concentrated on research, especially in the field of superhard tools, and has been at the forefront of the industry in China.

                           The company attaches great importance to the role of talents in enterprise innovation and development, and has a stable engineering R&D site management, skilled technicians and strict quality inspection personnel. After more than ten years of development, the company has mastered mature precision super-hard tool production technology, and successfully developed natural single crystal diamond MCD tool series, polycrystalline diamond tool series, cubic boron nitride tool series, and cemented carbide (tungsten steel) There are four series of cutting tools. At the same time provide customers with professional industry cutting solutions. The company's product business covers more than 10 metal and non-metal processing industries such as automobiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, woodworking furniture, mold processing, electronic 3C……more

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                      WeChat Consulting
                      TEL:0755-29690920 FAX:0755-29691885
                      E-mail:sales@better-zg.com Add:2105, Bld 2, No. 56, Nanting Road, Yabian Community, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
                      Copyright©2003-2023 Copyright:Shenzhen Better Diamond Tools CO.,LTD WEB:Huawei  
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